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Our Clients

Recorded at The Studio:

Hey Good Lookin' - Jaimee Paul

Recorded at The Studio:

Apache - Wayne Avers

Recorded at The Studio:

Uptown Funk - Donica Knight

Recorded at The Studio:

mixed by Jared Ribble

Missin' Love - The Summit Band

Recorded at The Studio:

The Grinch - Medicine King

More work by Brook Sutton :

Come Together - Wayne Avers
Groovin' High - Elliot McClain Trio
Big Chief - Joe Krown
...and many others!


STR Records

The Summit Band

Wayne Avers

Scott Gillihan

Hunter Nash

The Borderline Something

Knapptime Entertainment

Stephanie Adlington

Viktor Krauss Band

Howie and The Movers

Elliott McClain Trio

Jaimee Paul

The Dean Martinis

Joe Krown

Clarence Johnson

Vahag Petian

Sandy Hinderlie

Henry Paul

Patrick Atwater 

Matt Mackey and The Bad Decisions

Johnny Hayes and The Loveseats

Carlos Hale (urban soul cafe)

Tom McDermot

Rebecca Barry

Ricky Sebastian 

Michael Pallera

Dave Isaacs

Medicine King

Gunner Scott

Tom Larson

Vanderbilt University

Morgan's Road

Blues Dance Nashville

Nashville Swing Dance Society

Garnett Mamula (A&G Music)


John Billings

Scott Hallgren (scootman music)

Tennessee State University

Tony McKee 

Music City Sound

CT Blackmore

Gregg Germony (blues dawgs)

Bill Cornelius

Red Roots Music

Fabrizio and The Fever

Apple Lindy

The Downtown Band

Leif Shires 

Donica Knight

The New Revival

Altered Statesman

William Harvey (Cultures in Harmony)

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