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The Studio Nashville

The Studio Nashville space consists of over 3,200 square feet of creative space, where you can capture your art to share with the world. 


Our main recording room, the A-Room, is over 1,500 square feet of acoustically treated space, complete with an assortment of keyboards, a full grand piano, an upright piano and lots of misc percussion.   This room is an excellent space for full-band "live" recordings, string and horn sectionals, and even vocal overdubs.  The A-Room is also our main space for our video recorded sessions.

Also contained in the A-Room are two acoustically treated ISO booths.  Our ISO booths are also equipped to facilitate professional video recordings.  

The heart of The Studio Nashville is our control room, where your masterpiece is cut to ProTools, 2-inch tape, or both!

The Studio Nashville also features a cozy kitchenette/break room, where you can take a breather after capturing your best work yet.

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A Room

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ISO Booths

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Control Room

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Other Spaces

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